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the last time i pierced my skin...

the last time i pierced my skin with a blade was 7 months ago. some of you might be familiar with the pain/relief and how fucking good it feels.

some of you might not have chosen that route and maybe find it easier to use drugs, alcohol or even sex to escape your emotional turmoil. no matter what healing process you choose... always remember that no one, absolutely no one, is allowed to tell you how you should and shouldn't feel. people deal with shit everyday but the one thing i hated hearing from people was that my feelings weren't valid.

that's bullshit. your feelings are always valid.

yes, there's healthy ways to deal with turmoil but i am

not there yet and don't expect you to be there either.

i stopped cutting myself and since i no longer have wounds, i'm considered "happy".

don't be stupid.

you will never know what someone is going through or how they're feeling; even if they give you the automatic "im fine" response to your "how are you?" greet.

i'm beginning this blog to extend a hand to you. those of you who are going through things you don't understand and want to feel welcomed/loved and someone to relate to. we are here!

and we are queer!

follow me on my journey: Life After Thots.

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