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no strings attached

keeping someone attached by a string is selfish and unfair. your ex’s make it clear that you are not the one for them so it’s so unfair to text them about random things, solely just to keep in contact with you. they know what they’re doing and it’s mean.

they say they don’t want this person but you find ways to destroy what they are trying to build with someone else. they dm them from anonymous accounts and joke to "check your girl because they’re still texting their ex" when they were simply texting them from a safe place.

if you care and love this person like you say, let them move on. don’t keep a string attached and give them false hope; it’s not right. if you love and care for someone let them move on and stop being selfish.

i’ve stayed calm and stayed out of their situations and only have expressed how i feel in the moment that it’s happening. the person that i am trying to be... is a respectful one and i have stuck to my word and i am nurturing it fully. out of all my experiences that i have gone through, i owe it to myself and my future encounters. i'm keeping my word and i still get shit on? it’s not fair but you have to love people for their pros and cons.

to be complete frank, i find it flattering for you to meddle into my current relationships because it shows you care but i understand that thought is unhealthy and i need to look at it from a mature point of view and shouldn’t allow someone to hurt me for their own entertainment. please stop with your games and let your ex move on. it’s not hard. if you really love someone and don’t want to be with them, let them go and move on like you said you were going to. don’t play with me.

the end.

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