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the honeymoon stage doesn't have to end!

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

hello lovers!

today we will be talking about keeping your independence when you get into a relationship. what kind of relationship?

bitch, i don’t know, because these days

people say you’re together when you’re not,

then get upset if you wander,

want the benefits of what you give them

but want more somewhere else?

i don’t fucking know.

that’s a whole other blog we’ll have to have. lol.

anyway, whatever situation you’re in and it involves sharing your life with someone else; independence is so important. if you’re a Pisces, like me, i like to fully indulge myself into my significant other. i’m in honeymoon stage and try to hold on to that as much as i can because lord knows when that ends, it’s difficult to find a balance and it all ends.

see that’s where i fail, i want to stay and be with someone that stays in the honeymoon stage with me naturally and effortlessly. am i asking for too much? maybe but it’s what i want and i rather die alone than be with someone who didn’t want or supply the things i need. the honeymoon stage ends because you LET it end, it doesn’t have to. when you’re first dating; it’s new, its exciting, you’re flirting, you’re technically trying to win your partner over.

why. the. fuck. do we stop doing this? i’ve been practicing to preach this with whoever i come in contact with. i believe that the honeymoon stage doesn’t have to end! you should always be trying to win your partner over; flirting, touching, there should always be some mystery, look sexy for your partner, listen, joke, be patient but as soon as people get together… “officially,” people get comfortable and somehow just expect to continue with you. once you set a standard you must keep it. this is what people do wrong. do what you do and love how you love from beginning to end and it’ll only make you guys stronger.

i know, i know a lot of people think and want different things, but what i’ve learned is that i don’t ever want to be too comfortable in my relationship. don’t get me wrong! being comfortable with your partner is key BUT the romance, the gifts, the flirting, the winks, the cuddles, going on date, random surprises should always stay. if you truly are ready to share your life with someone, i think they’d deserve that.

i always need my partner to be aware

and treat me like they know they can lose me at any moment.

i honestly think this is important and i remember a couple who has been together 40+ years explain this and i absolutely fell in love with the idea. they also spoke about how it was equally as important to have their own individual lives. one for themselves and the other as a duel.

independence is needed with everyone. i know the beginning is so nice and all you want to do is crawl into their skin and just love, love, love, but, there comes a time where you spend too much time together. then you get bored, or expected something else, then you break up.

we/i need to learn to balance the two. the only way you can have independence is if your partner trusts you. if they don’t trust you, it’ll be difficult for them to leave you alone. then there’s the other side where your partner simply doesn’t understand that you need your own personal girl/boy time. they take it offensive.


it has nothing to do with you. let your partner, breathe and live. you will share a life together but the time they spend without you is also just as important. give them time to miss you and allow them to decompress with the people they love. they’ll appreciate and love you for it.

happy full moon in pisces my loves.

stay up and stay strong.

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