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are you jealous?

show of hands, who likes for their partner to be jealous?

are you the jealous partner...? are they the jealous partner...?

i've dated women that vary. some women or men enjoy their partner being jealous and protective. others just take it the wrong fucking way (or maybe not) and that isn’t their cup of tea. there is no wrong or right but i’d like to hear what you guys think.

you see, i am the partner that shows my partner jealousy out of flirtation. i quickly learn if they’re down with it or not. i like my partner to be a little jealous. of course there is a borderline in which its playful and cute but then there’s the other side where it’s just plain obsessive.

that's over-bearing.

i’d like to see myself as the playful type. i’ve been in both positions; i’ve had girlfriends that are over the top jealous and i’ve also had girlfriends that have never been jealous at all. i’m confident to say that i enjoy jealousy from my partner, but thats just me. i once had a relationship in which my partner was never jealous and it made me feel insecure.

i’m like, girl, like do you even like me?!

she was so confident and it would confuse me. do you even see my worth? anyone can swoop me up and you seem like you’re so confident enough to know that you have me completely.


so do you even care to be a liiiiiiittle concerned about my position in your life? but on the other hand, it might be the fact that i made her feel so secure and comfortable that she had no need to feel concerned.

i mean kudos on my part. you’re welcome.

either way, i took it as a negative approach when they feel so confident to know i won’t leave them. i want my partner to be a little jealous.


it shows me that they care and they’re afraid of losing me. i mean who doesn’t want that? they know your worth and not wanting someone to swoop in and take what is theirs.

i know, i know.

you might not be that type, but i most certainly am. i like it. i think it’s so fucking sexy and cute for my partner to be threatened because they see my value. they want me, appreciate me, love me, care for me.

it’s validation.

who the fuck doesn’t want proof of validation from their partner?

i mean i would never want my partner to think of themselves as less or insecure, but this is what i’m saying. it’s playful. it shows you care, it shows that they know your value… and to put themselves in a vulnerable situation, it's cute.

but don’t get me wrong, there’s an ugly part to this situation… possessiveness. there’s a line you must not cross. if you don’t know where that line is, then don't even play with this type of flirtation. controlling and possessiveness is not okay, there should be a balance.

balance is good.

there were some girlfriends that didn’t take well to my jealousy and i quickly had to abort mission. some people just don’t see or understand the way that i think, like or feel and that’s okay. it’s not that i don’t trust you, but i’m flirting with you. i want you to understand that i know your worth and i want you to feel valued, appreciated and loved. i know anyone can pick you up; you’re beautiful, smart, kind, hot…. mine.

what the fuck is wrong with that?

i love it when my partner gets jealous. i think it’s so fucking cute how they get all riled up and protective. i define it as caring. they should know my value and care about possibly losing me, because they’re not so self absorbed and they actually care about someone other than themselves. i will say and continue to say that there’s a line you cannot cross. be playful, be cute. show your partner that you could get intimidated and know they can lose you, because everyone is free game. there’s nothing more attractive than someone being scared to lose you, because you’re worthy and they see your value.

yea, yea. some people don’t get it and that’s okay, but thats what makes this dating world so beautiful. we’re all different. you like what you like. you know what you don’t like. you have to find a partner that fits your needs and likes. i’ve had girlfriends that would get angry. they would take it as a negative way and i had to learn to understand that.

that wasn’t a button worth pushing.

everyone is different.

communication is key, but there’s nothing better than finding someone that gets you and fits your personality. i mean honestly, is this fucked up for me to think jealousy is attractive? i always say, never get comfortable or too secure with your partner.

always take them on dates, always put an effort in to look good for them, never stop communicating and don’t stop romancing them.

they’re your partner!

i mean don’t get me wrong, your partner should make you feel comfortable and loved. but showing a little bit of protectiveness is hot. you’re worthy, you’re sexy, you’re valuable and don’t ever let someone make you feel otherwise. if you don’t dig it, cool. if you do, cool. no wrong or right, but i wanted to acknowledge those who think and feel the same way i do… you’re not crazy. it’s what you like. show your partner some unexpected love… always.

if you drop the ball, someone else will always be more than happy to pick it up. period.

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